Nuestro Compromiso Sostenible: Lanzamiento de Carteras y Tarjeteros Veganos

Our Sustainable Commitment: Launch of Vegan Wallets and Card Holders

Discover the latest launch from ROIK: an innovative line of vegan wallets and card holders designed with high-quality faux leather, perfect for the conscious and modern consumer.

ROIK's Evolution towards Sustainability

At ROIK we are committed to creating products that are not only stylish and functional, but also sustainable with the planet. We understand and apply sustainability principles from several angles:

  • Highest quality and local raw material.
  • Local manufacturing.
  • Products of great quality and durability. It is one of the pillars when we design products.
  • We use packaging with the lowest environmental impact. We always choose the best solution from our suppliers.
  • Together with our logistics partners, we adopt new emissions reduction programs. Especially in international shipments that cause the greatest amount of emissions over the total of our shipments.

In order to continue improving the impact of our brand, we present our new line of vegan wallets.

This line is designed for those who seek the quality and style of ROIK, without compromising its ethical and environmental values.

Vegan Wallets and Card Holders: The First Step

With this new line of products, we want to offer a real alternative to those who do not want to consume products of animal origin, while taking the first step to find and develop the best alternative.

If in the near future we want to have more sustainable, more durable and better quality materials, we have to start now. We work together with our partners in a process of continuous improvement and innovation.

Innovative and Timeless Design

We have launched 3 color combinations for our most iconic wallets, the Zip Coin and the City . Each one of them made by the same expert leather craftsmen from Ubrique and with the highest quality materials.

The use of synthetic leather and vegan leather, sustainable alternatives that not only respect animal life, but also offer durability and resistance comparable to that of traditional leather.

Transparency and Awareness

According to, 55% of consumers think that "PU Leather" products, based on plastic, are made at least partially from animal skins (NOT) and 30% believe that "vegan leather" is made, at least in part, of animal skins (it's not like that either).

It can be difficult for consumers to know if they are purchasing real leather products or not. For this reason, at ROIK we believe that greater transparency is necessary.

All our products are labeled where the material and place of manufacture are explicitly indicated. We will never try to make faux fur look like 100% real fur.

Future Commitment

With this first step we commit to continue innovating to be able to launch new products with better materials on the market. Some suppliers are beginning to supply the next generation of furs or synthetic leathers.

This new generation of materials incorporates a large part of plastics of plant origin or bio-based. This, combined with substrates composed of recycled plastics and fabrics, will reduce the environmental impact significantly.

Benefits of Choosing Vegan Products

Opting for vegan products means more than a fashion choice; It is a step towards a more sustainable future. These choices contribute significantly to reducing our environmental footprint, encouraging innovation in sustainable materials and promoting ethical production practices.

Find Your Style: Choose Your Vegan Wallet

We understand that each person has a unique style. That's why our collection includes 3 color combinations in 2 timeless and functional designs.

These designs work perfectly on both vegan men's wallets and vegan women's wallets. Find the perfect match that resonates with your identity and values.

For this collection we have been inspired by nature.

By choosing one of our products, you are not only investing in a high-quality accessory, but you are also supporting a movement towards a greener and more ethical future. We invite you to discover our collection and be part of this exciting evolution towards sustainable fashion.


Our animal-free material establishes a direct connection between the sea and the city, fusing elements of both worlds in a sustainable and conscious way. The intensity of dark green, evoking the depth and mystery of the oceans, contrasts beautifully with the lively coral red, inspired by vibrant marine ecosystems.


Design inspired by the majestic desert landscapes, capturing the essence of its unmatched beauty. The fusion of earthy and brown colors evokes the warmth and strength that emanate from the dunes and dry land, reflecting the resistance and tranquility of the arid environment. This color palette pays homage to the serenity and magnificence of the desert.


The most elegant and sophisticated combination, totally timeless. This iconic color combination gives them a look that is recognizable throughout the world, a symbol of distinction and good taste. With this design, we aspire for our wallets to become an icon of style and elegance.

Frequent questions

Which lasts longer, real leather or synthetic leather?

When we compare the durability of real leather with synthetic leather , today we can say both materials have a similar lifespan. Natural leather, properly treated and maintained, can last for decades without losing its structural integrity or aesthetics. On the other hand, third generation synthetic leather, like the one we use at ROIK, has significantly advanced in quality and resistance, reaching the level of genuine leather.

What is vegan leather or synthetic leather?

Vegan leather or faux leather refers to manufactured materials that mimic the look and feel of real leather, but are composed of elements without animal-derived content. These materials can include polymers such as polyurethane (PU) or innovative materials derived from natural resources such as piñatex, made from pineapple fibers, or mushroom leather. Vegan leather is a popular choice for those looking for ethical and sustainable alternatives to animal leather, as it does not involve the use of animal products, thus reducing environmental impact and promoting animal protection. As material technology advances, synthetic or vegan leathers increasingly include more organic or recycled material content.

How do you know if it is real leather or vegan (synthetic) leather?

Distinguishing between real leather and vegan (synthetic) leather can be a challenge, but there are several ways to identify them:

  • Texture and Smell: Genuine leather has a unique texture pattern and a characteristic smell not found in synthetic materials.
  • Edges and backing: The edges of real leather tend to be rougher and more natural, while faux leather has smoother edges. The reverse side of the genuine leather shows a fibrous texture.
  • Water proof: Real leather absorbs water droplets, while synthetic leather tends to repel them.
  • Manufacturer information: Checking labels and information provided by the manufacturer can offer clarity on the material of the product. At ROIK we are committed to transfer and all our products are labeled with the type of leather and the place of manufacture.

ROIK's new line of vegan wallets and card holders represents more than just a fashion alternative; is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation and ethics. We invite everyone to explore our VEGAN collection and make a conscious choice that reflects your personal style and values. Go to ROIK.

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